The world's first liquidity platform for real estate

A single marketplace for search, funding and transacting online

A new, easier way to buy, own and sell property

Whole-of-market search, with dedicated filters for buyers, owners and investors.

Free online valuations and "liquidity profiles" for residential properties in the UK.

Buy, invest in or sell whole properties or fractional shares seamlessly online.

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Learn about the launch of our new platform and our real estate-backed digital currency, YieldCoin.

About us

iYield has built an innovative real estate portal that makes residential and commercial properties easier to buy, invest in, own and sell. Our new portal will be launched in late 2019.

When we founded Yield we wanted to demonstrate that anyone could become a property owner with just a small down payment, and that the capital they invested could be returned to them at market value at any time. Our first step in 2015 was to launch a platform that could split any property into fractional equity and debt interests, tradable online in real time. We then started building infrastructure to make every investable real estate asset searchable though the iYield platform, with all the funding, closing and re-selling steps available in one place. We’re creating a new generation of Flexible Ownership products as part of this process, introducing simplicity, speed and convenience to the experience of funding, owning and selling a property.

iYield has created a new, asset-backed digital currency, YieldCoin, which will be available to investors once the new iYield portal is live. YieldCoin will play a key role in the iYield eco-system, driving construction, renovation and innovative ownership programmes globally, and opening up real estate to a much wider audience.

iYield is managed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with a strong track record in investing in and building technology businesses.